Better Jobs Ontario

Are you looking for training to get a better job? You may qualify for government assistance to help you train for a new career! Better Jobs Ontario (formerly Second Career) provides opportunities for qualified individuals to access training funding for in-demand careers — and the Job Gym can determine if this program is right for you.

You may qualify for Better Jobs Ontario if you either:

  • Have been laid off from a job and currently unemployed
  • Not laid off, but unemployed for over 6 months, and are part of a low-income household

Reach out to the Job Gym to find out if Better Jobs Ontario is an option for you. Please fill out the form below and an Employment Counsellor will contact you to set up an appointment.


If you are facing challenges in finding steady employment and are interested in obtaining skills for in-demand jobs, come and learn about Better Jobs Ontario! Better Jobs Ontario aims to help unemployed jobseekers rejoin the workforce quickly by providing funding for skills training. Formally called Second Career, Better Jobs Ontario has been revised and updated to better help people who may face challenges finding stable jobs such as gig workers, youth, people on social assistance, and those who were laid off due to COVID-19.

Join us for our Better Jobs Ontario information session to learn more about this program! All participants will also meet with a counsellor following the session to determine eligibility for this program.

June 15, July 13, and August 10
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Fort Erie
June 19, July 26, August 23
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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