Q: What does an Employment Counsellor do that I can’t do myself?

A: Working with an Employment Counsellor offers many benefits to the job seeker, as outlined below.

Employment Counsellors can provide another set of eyes to review (or create) a powerful resume and cover letter. We know what employers are looking for and what trends are popular to help you customize your marketing documents and catch the eye of a great employer. Sometimes proofreading is all that’s required – individuals often do not catch their own typos, and someone else checking over the documents will potentially find and fix errors, and suggest alternative wording.

Counsellors can provide a fresh perspective on issues, and present a different way of viewing challenges. Perhaps we can help you to “change the narrative” of a negative situation in your past employment history, to help you learn the positives and move forward with confidence.

Employment Counsellors can also serve the important role of holding the job seeker accountable. Setting achievable and measurable goals in addition to using structured plans and targets can be especially helpful in your job search, and having someone keep you on track when you are drifting or losing steam can be invaluable.

Employment Counsellors also can provide updated labour market information – we have the “inside track” on who is hiring, who will be hiring in the near future, what new companies are coming to town, and what job fairs and other networking events are occurring in the area.

If you are not sure what next steps to take in terms of a first job, career change, or adjustment after an injury, we have a number of career exploration tools and assessments at our fingertips to help you make a well-reasoned and thoughtful next step in your career.

We can connect you with resources for other agencies that may be able to help with various life issues impacting your job search, including but not limited to: housing, food, mental health counselling, addictions, and financial support or guidance. We network regularly with community partners and have a good knowledge of the services available in our region.

Speaking of networking, Employment Counsellors and Job Developers work together on a daily basis. Job Developers are regularly contacted by employers when they want to fill a vacancy, so this network can benefit you in many ways as you will be “on the radar” of many professionals in your field if you choose to work with a Counsellor. As a result of this relationship with employers, we do have numerous “inside leads” and employer connections, and can often put you directly in touch with hiring managers who will look at your resume before considering others. Let our network become yours!

Employment Counsellors are well aware of employment scams – and there are many! We can teach you how to avoid these and become more savvy in your job search. Having your identity (and possibly money) stolen is not a good addition to your job search!

If you have had your employment rights violated, Employment Counsellors can help advise you on next steps, and put you in touch with legal advice when required. We know the Employment Standards Act and want to ensure you are treated fairly in the workplace.

Employment Counsellors can also help to build your confidence through determining strengths you may not even recognize in yourself. We believe in our clients and do our best to help them succeed, tapping into all of those great qualities and abilities. We will be your cheerleaders as you apply for jobs, navigate interviews, and are offered a position!

The bottom line is clear: There is no risk involved in seeing an employment counsellor – quite the opposite! Visit your local employment counselling agency today and reap the many benefits of working with an Employment Counsellor.

If you live in the Niagara Region and would like assistance with your job search, contact Emily at eberry@jhs-niagara.ca to get started.