Job Gym, the Employment Services Division of The John Howard Society of Niagara is searching for a Job Developer and an Employment Counsellor.


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We love that we're local.

Now that work is returning to a certain amount of normalcy, we thought we’d reach out to some clients who are working right now, right here, in Niagara.


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WE ARE HIRING! Job Gym, the Employment Services Division of The John Howard Society of Niagara is searching for a Job Developer and an Employment Counsellor. Full-Time Positions.

  • Seniors Centre Without Walls

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls

Virtual Programs|

If you or someone you know is finding it difficult to get out and be part of the community, Seniors’ Centre Without Walls is a free group and interactive program connecting seniors with activities from the comfort of home!

Tourism & Hospitality Emergency Recovery

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  • Recipe for Success

Work at Wendy’s!

Paid on job placements at Wendy’s Restaurants get you experience. The next session begins on February 28th, 2022! Now accepting applications.

  • Canada Games - Volunteer

Canada Games – Volunteer

Many volunteers will be required for various events leading up to the Games. Fundraising and alumni events, community and school events and the Torch Relay are the types of activities that will take place from now until Games-time.

Employment Blog

2911, 2021

Ask Emily: Staffing Agencies

Q: Should I consider working through a staffing agency? What are the pros and cons? A: Staffing agencies can be a valuable partner in finding suitable employment, and should not be discounted in your job search efforts.

3009, 2021

Ask Emily: Virtual Interviews

Interviewing is just one of many job search aspects that has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. Some of the changes made to interviewing techniques and styles may be here to stay, long after the pandemic is over – whenever that may be!

1309, 2021

Embracing Change

I like to think that every opportunity, every situation in life, provides some kind of learning experience. Whether it be a situation you enjoyed, or a situation you did not, I think there is always something to be learned from any experience.

3008, 2021

Ask Emily: Cover Letters

Q: Do I always need to send a cover letter with my resume? A: The short answer to this question is no. Some jobs simply require or ask for a resume, possibly accompanied by an online or paper application form.

1808, 2021

Tips to Remaining Organized throughout your job Search

Sometimes job searching can be a difficult and timely process that we go through. We search for jobs for multiple different reasons whether it be our first job and we want experience, we just need to work strictly to pay the bills and put food on the table, or we are working to build our career in a dream job.