Summer Job Picks

Job Gym is thrilled to feature our energetic Summer Co-op Students as they pick out their favourite positions from our Job Board.

Job Picks - Brooke

Brooke’s Job Picks

  1. The perfect opportunity for people who want flexible shifts, have a passion for cosmetics and are interested in sales! This is a great job lead for people who love socializing, selling, and giving beauty tips. This beauty consultant & esthetician job posting in St. Catharines is perfect for you. Caryl Baker Visage is a company that values its employees and their contribution to their organization!

  2. The front desk agent position at the Days Inn Hotel in Niagara Falls is a great opportunity for people who are detail-oriented, have a bubbly personality, good oral and written communication, and are able to be honest and ethical.

  3. In Niagara-on-the-lake there is a line cook position for The Irish Harp Pub. A fast paced, on-the-go environment that never has you waiting around. Get tips and free meals while working on the job. Part and full time positions are available. Apply now!

  4. Anyone with experience related to cooking positions are welcome to the breakfast/lunch cook position at the Sunrise Cafe in St. Catharines. Working in a restaurant position is hard work and requires good customer service skills, people who can manage fast paced environments, and someone who is able to communicate clearly.

  5. For anyone looking for a seasonal position, the crew member position for Dairy Queen in Niagara Falls is a great way to gain experience, get out into the workforce, and ensure great service for their customers. Clifton Hill is a great location for a number of employment opportunities. Everyone who goes to Clifton Hill knows about their Dairy Queen and how great their service is! Send in your resume today!

Job Picks - Rhiannon

Rhiannon’s Job Picks

  1. Veterinary Technician Assistant at Fort Erie SPCA: This job most certainly is not for me because I would leave each shift with at least one new pet, but if you love animals and also have self-control, this would be an amazing opportunity!
  2. Breakfast Host at Holiday Inn Express & Suites: A brand new hotel opening in Welland, this job provides the opportunity to give visitors to our beautiful Rose City a wonderful first impression of not only a new business, but of each day in Welland as you greet them for breakfast. This is also a unique experience to be one of the original team members of a new opening.
  3. Pizza Cook/Kitchen Helper at Angelina’s Pizzeria: I think we’re beginning to see a trend here that I always include a pizzeria position in my job picks, but how could I not bring up pizza?! This full-time position allows you to create one of the most delicious foods ever created in a locally-owned pizzeria. #supportlocal
  4. Bartender at Big Texas Niagara: A taste of the lonestar state right here in Niagara! Serve up some delicious drinks to customers while embracing the southern country vibe. Perfect for the country lovers of Niagara!
  5. General Labourer/Grass Maintenance at Holy Cross Cemetery: For the lovers of all things spooky (like me): working outdoors is definitely a selling point on my list, and this position allows you to keep the landscape beautiful for family members visiting their loved ones, while also giving those spooky vibes for the Halloween lovers.
Job Picks - Rachel

Rachel’s Job Picks

  1. Enjoy working out in the sun? Peter’s Landscaping is hiring Landscape Labourers!
  2. Any pet lovers here? Go to the Fort Erie SPCA, they are hiring a vet tech assistant!
  3. Do you love being in the kitchen? Angelina’s Pizzeria needs your help!
  4. Morning person & love talking to people? Holiday INN is looking for breakfast hosts!
  5. If you’re good with computers and want to be a front desk agent then apply to the River Rapids INN!
Job Picks - Michael

Michael’s Job Picks

  1. For those who enjoy the morning, Eggsmart in St. Catharines is looking for Servers to join their team!
  2. If you prefer the afternoon and evenings, Mossimos Pizza in Fonthill is looking for a Toppings and Line Cook!
  3. Rather be outside? Phoenix Lawn Service is looking Lawn Maintenance Workers!
  4. Provided you are 16+, CAN Employment in Niagara-On-The-Lake is looking for Food Production/Packaging staff!
  5. If you enjoy a retail environment, Party Max in Welland is looking for a Retail Sales Associate!


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